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28/9 kl 19.00




Biljettpris: 160 kr

Student, pensionär,

arbetslös: 120 kr

80 kr för enbart konsert,

i mån av plats.




Boka på tel 0702-721771,

e-post bokning[a]

eller via tickster (onlineköp):


Adress / kontakt:

3:e Våningen

Sockerbruket 9

414 51 Göteborg


+46(0)31-12 17 71







Olof Persson Projects och Göteborg Art Sounds

Försökshallen & Scenen

28/9 2013

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Olof Persson Projects & 3:e Våningen samarbetar med Göteborg Art Sounds.

GAS FEST 2013 äger rum 27/9 på Nefertiti. Festivalen utökas 28/9 till 3:e Våningen med följande program:


Scenen kl 19.00 - 20.00

Me - every body, volume 2, med Olof Persson Projects.

Ljudkonst skapad av Jean-Louis Huhta, Robin Rimbaud/Scanner, Pierre Proske, Mike Skinner.


Försökshallen kl 21.00 - 23.00

Konsert/performance med Pierre Proske, Jean-Louis Huhta och David Sabel.



Pierre Proske

Interactive Sound Artist


Pierre Proske in an electronic media artist and sound designer from Melbourne, Australia.

Having a strong interest in the intersection of the biological and the synthetic, Pierre has in the past worked to employ sound as a sculptural tool for exploring embodiment. His compositions are often recognisable through their deployment of diverse textures and microscopic details. New camera technologies and sensors have enabled a more direct, physical interface to sound and Proske will be exploring such techniques in conjunction with custom written audio software to explore new aesthetics of sonic interaction.





Jean-Louis Huhta

Composer, Musician, DJ


An established name on the Swedish underground music scene. Started his musical career in the early eighties as a member of the notorious post-punk band Cortex. Has been involved in numerous bands and musical/art collectives, e g Lucky People Center. Today Jean-Louis is involved in a lot of different projects, among them noise combo Audio Laboratory, Dungeon Acid and Skull Defekts. He has also composed music for film, theatre and dance performances.




Dungeon Acid:



David Sabel

Musician, Sound Artist


David Sabel is a musician/sound artist whose main interest lie in performance and installation art. Using every day objects like kitchen-fans, car-hoods, wax-machines etc., David creates instruments and installations. He believes that the juxtaposition of visuals, concept and sound can create an abstract poetry within an artwork. The need for this poetry and the will to reform the relationship between performer and audience is what drives him.

This night at 3:e Våningen he will be joined by Malin Wättring on saxophone and Jacob Johansson on clarinet. Together they will produce sound.







Läs mer om Me - every body, volume 2:




Biljettpris: 160 kr / 120 kr för föreställning inklusive konsert.

80 kr för enbart konsert, i mån av plats







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