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Tisdag 13 februari kl 18.30:
Carolina Eguiguren Ruales– Silent Bodies

Torsdag 15 februari kl 14–18.30:
Melina Bigale – Dusty Chamber Play

Torsdag 15 februari kl 18.30:
Katarzyna Paluch – Navigating Paradoxes

Måndag 19 februari kl 18.30:
Angelika Thiele – “this between us”

Tisdag 20 februari kl 18.30:
Joanna Alfred Kaemper Jensen – T H E I S L A N D S

Onsdag 21 februari kl 18.30:
Ingeborg Zackariassen– Making Traces

Torsdag 22 februari kl 18.30:
Emil Schimanski – ATAOS – Twins & Mirrors

Fredag 23 februari kl 18.30:
Ida von Schmalensee – Fragments of Representation

Foto: Angelika Thiele

Carolina Eguiguren is a performer and cultural entrepreneur based in Ecuador. Her works focuses on the richness of imagery, the interdisciplinary, and the sensorial with a contemporary, social, and spiritual perspective. She is interested in the power of metaphors to destabilize structures and enhance communication.

Silent Bodies
Performers: Sebastián R. Bartilson , Carolina Eguiguren
Text: Carolina Eguiguren
Fragments of lyrics, Birthright
Song by Sarathy Korwar
Music: Helikopter, Streichquartett by Karlheinz Stockhausen, Sound of Universe and beats tracks 

This performance is about us. About here and now. The voices of no one and the sound of nowhere come forward with the tides.
An ongoing pendulum; the beauty of the impermanent.

Melina Bigale, visual artist and performance maker with a Master’s in Fine Arts and Philosophy, delves into diverse media—installation, film, photography, drawing, sculpture, and theater. Collaborating with theater groups, directing plays, and exhibiting in museums, her recent works explore the interplay of time, materiality, and the contrast between human life and nature, latest showcased at the Rabbit/Duck festival Göteborg and Position Art Fair Berlin.

Dusty Chamber Play
This site-specific, installative durational performance explores the question: What does it mean to be present in a place? It reflects on people’s own position in space, emphasizes the tension between the inner and outer world and delving into the dynamics of control and loss in the pursuit of mastering nature. Through artistic exploration, the performance becomes a medium prompting the audience to explore the interactions between human and surroundings.

Katarzyna Paluch is a performer, dancer, creator and teacher.
She completed a two-years performance and contemporary dance program Performact in Portugal. Katarzyna is co-organising the international contemporary dance festival – DO Festival in Poland.
Nowadays she is working as a freelancer, leading workshops and co-creating artistic projects with other artists.

Navigating Paradoxes
Katarzyna explores absolute forms of improvisation and strategically induced crisis. Her main research focuses on dualisms, paradoxes and layers of personality of the dancer/performer and the power of transformation during the improvisation practice. The work she will perform is an attempt to extract her 2 years research process combining moving and writing practises.

Angelika Thiele is a contemporary dance artists based in Greece and Germany. Her current interest and research focus is on partnering practices, emphasising the specific movement dialogue and means of connection found in contemporary Argentinian Tango as well as in vertical aspects of CI.

“this between us”

Performers: Ademir Alemán, Angelika Thiele.
“this between us” shares my fascination for the sensorial, experiential, anatomical and emotional/ behavioural aspects of partnering, specifically looking at Tango: Essential elements of its movement through a vertical axis, transmission, ideas of polarity, power, closeness and various forms of dialogue – creating a practice of performative sharing and an investigative, common playground.

Joanna Alfred Kaemper Jensen (they/them) is a danish theatre director and playwright. Their pieces are often conceptual and immersive, with currents from philosophy, social studies and queer life running through them. Joanna Alfred’s pieces have a strong sense of playfulness and care to them. – Yet, at the same time, joined by the dystopic, societal critique and implossions of group dynamics.

In T H E I S L A N D S Joanna Alfred works together with the audience to create different islands of perspectives, thoughts and bodies.
It is a participatory and interactive piece made for 10-30 people at a time.
T H E I S L A N D S is a piece which works with the ways in which we orient ourselves socially and bodily and how emotions and affect can occur from that.
The piece is a scenic reflection of their Master’s.

Ingeborg Zackariassen is an interdisciplinary artist based in Gothenburg. With a background in dance and choreography, she includes text and photography as materials in her performative work, as well as the physical presence of performers. Temporality and transformation are recurrent themes in her work, which explores the relationships between physicality and abstraction, language and body, coherence and fragmentation. 

Making Traces
Performers: Anna-Greta Himmer, Toby Kassell, Fan Luo, Emelié Sterner.

This installation/performance explores interrelations between words and imagination; the artistic imagination of multiple people gives space for new iterations. For two years a method has been developed, and a series of places and movements have been evoked in dialogue with invited artists. Different aspects of the work are juxtaposed and interweaved between rooms; Photographic portraits of a collection of individuals are paired with spoken text feeding in from somewhere else. Four performers reinterpret the imaginations of others, each following their own individual performance score. Together, yet each on their own, the performers’ bodies become sites where the various imagined places and movements of others are embodied, reimagined, and developed through a live, explorative composition.

Emil Schimanski, based in Berlin, educated at Edinburgh College of Art (UK), is a freelance dancer/performer, light-, image- and sound designer for theater and film, working with intermedia installations, site-specific performances, leading experimental projects in the field of ‘Expanded Choreography’ and audio-visual movement art. 

ATAOS – Twins & Mirrors
A performed reflection on Identity, Attachments and Healing. Looking deep into body, mind, spirit and heart, as core elements in transforming traumatic patterns and limiting beliefs. Investigating various performative acts, simulating shamanic rituals, crossing boundaries of personal and collective experience, shifting perceptions of reality and fiction. A ritual of release shapes in the corners of Self, mirrored by Other, in a choreography of inner wor(L)ds.

Open to interactive participation in the Constellation of Masks and Mirrors. Please register for the Choir in advance at  tsvprojectd@gmail.com or step in with free will during the event. Scripts&scores will be provided.

Ida von Schmalensee, currently based in Istanbul and Stockholm, is an artist exploring the realms of acting, stage direction, and performance. Her academic journey, threading through Kadir Has University in Istanbul and the Epidaurus Lyceum in Argolis, Greece, is shaped by a mosaic of cultural influences and her Turkish-Swedish multinational identity.

Fragments of Representation is a performative experiment that questions the boundaries of daily performatives, fiction, and physical reality. Set in an imaginary birthday dinner, participants engage in various relationships and social situations through scores that blend the imaginary with their personal stories. Throughout the performative experiment, participants can switch between being performers and audience, exploring different perspectives and modes of creating and observing a self-expression. The performative journey seeks to stimulate performative inquiry, fostering a heightened awareness of the complex interconnections that shape our understanding of self and existence within the performative sphere. The overarching aim is to provoke questions about fluidity of identity and how individuals construct their perception of reality during a performance.